I'm Anup. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.


I work at GO-JEK (One of Indonesia's biggest startups) as Head of UX Engineering. My team and I build and maintain GOJEK's design language system along with various other projects such as building protoypes, doing design reviews, building tools for designers and devs to collaborate better and generally helping reduce the gap between design and engineering.

Previously, I've worked on various popular apps including Todoist (One of the most popular todo apps), DeviantArt (A social network for artists) and ClearTax (A YC startup trying to solve income tax filing in India).


You can check out my blog on Medium because I'm too lazy to host it here and do all the book keeping.


I've given a bunch of technical talks. Here are the one's that have video recordings decent enough to publish:


It's quite fun to get a bunch of smart people together and talking about programming. I'm an organizer at the Bangalore Android Developers Group (One of the largest Android meetup groups in the world). I also contribute to open source projects on Github and answer questions on StackOverflow.

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You can reach me on Twitter anytime. Don't be shy.